TSR Lighting Appointed Representative for Cavawood Architectural Wood Poles

TSR Lighting+Controls is excited to announce that they have been appointed as the representative for Cavawood, a manufacturer of  sustainable site, street and pedestrian light pole solutions.


The heart of a timeless, wood structure is the wood species.  Cavawood uses Alaskan Yellow Cedar, a slow growing species that produces a dense growth ring resulting in natural decay resistance and exceptional strength.  Full length boards are laminated together, with no small jointed pieces, to display the natural beauty of the wood grain and knots.


Many of the harvested Alaskan Yellow Cedar trees have been dead for up to eighty years, yet are still as strong as a living tree.  This is the only wood that can be “recycled” before being crafted into an object of design!  How’s that for a sustainability statement!

In addition to a full offering of standard pole and bollard products, Cavawood excels at collaborating with your design team to develop unique customer solutions.

Contact TSR Lighting+Controls for more information and to schedule a presentation on the quality, natural products from Cavawood!