LEDRAbrands adds Molto Luce to Bruck and WILA offering



Press Release

January, 26st 2015, LEDRA brands Inc., TUSTIN, CA

Today LEDRAbrands announced the launch of its newest brand of quality lighting products. Molto Luce is scheduled for formal company launch in the 3rd quarter of 2015. Molto Luce has a complete line of specification grade, LED architectural lighting fixtures for hospitality, residential, commercial, retail, healthcare and education applications. The new company will have a quick integration into LEDRAbrands professional agency representative network of 112 throughout North America allowing for a detailing of these innovative LED products to Lighting Designers, Architects and Engineers throughout the continent. Sales channels include Commercial and residential lighting for USA and Mexico and Commercial specification for Canada.

With Inspiration from Italian style, Molto Luce offers a perfect union of functionality and design. Adding Molto Luce to LEDRAbrands is a natural fit as it creates illumination trends and forms with its concepts, products and service. These products are a well thought-out culmination of lighting system concepts, customer wishes, architectural guidelines and lighting parameters.

More to follow later this year!


GM Lighting Fits the Bill at Northrop Auditorium!

The “Grande Dame” of the Twin Cities re-opened in April of 2014 after an extensive renovation project by HGA Architects and Engineers.

IMG_2884 A view of the ceiling from the upper level seating.

Constructed in the late 1920’s, Northrop Memorial Auditorium was added to the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus in honor of World War I soldiers.  An acoustic and sight-line renovation designed by HGA involved coffers located in the ceiling eighty feet above the auditorium floor.  View an outline story from “The Architect’s Newspaper” http://archpaper.com/news/articles.asp?id=7304#.VLk0Hy7ypeY

Senior Lighting Designer Tao Ham, PHD, LC, IALD, LEED AP, of HGA, headed up the lighting solution and recently lead a tour of the facility for the Twin Cities Chapter of the IESNA.

Due to the critical importance of the lighting in the ceiling and the inaccessibility of the location, the list of criteria used to select a product grew very lengthy!  The product would be located in a “micro cove” along all four sides of each acoustical coffer.  Scale, continuity of color along and between coffers, dimmability, product longevity, adhesive longevity, rock solid terminations, audible and non-audible interference frequencies…the list went on and on.  And the longer it became, most products quickly dropped of the list of possibilities.  HGA conducted extensive mock ups to ensure that the ultimate solution would meet the demanding criteria.  ARUP, the San Francisco acoustics partner, worked with HGA to mock up the lighting solution and performed testing in their acoustics lab in California.  In the end, Chicago based GM Lighting’s LTR300 high output ribbon, in 24V, 2700K, was ultimately selected and installed.

GM Lighting offers a unique solution in a “tape light” market filled with companies who mirror the philiosopy of HGA head quarter’s original occupant:  Ford notably stated of the Model T, “You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black!”  Conversely, GM Lighting adds to their superior quality product a unique level of flexibility and customer service; very atypical of a market driven by cost as the primary design concern.  David Meyer of GM Lighting lead the team and provided exactly what was required by the design team and installation, including factory cut-to-length ribbon with factory soldered wiring connections to eliminate any concern over building vibrations effecting terminations.  Not just “another importer”, GM Lighting’s facilities in Chicago offer product customization and quality control techniques that ensure customer and project satisfaction.  TSR Lighting was very active in the mock ups including several meetings on the scaffolding 80ft up in the air!  Senior Project Manager Gary Stommel of Egan Company, the electrical contractor, was impressed with TSR and GM Lighting’s ability and willingness to provide customized product within the project’s critical time requirements.

IMG_2880The result of HGA’s efforts is an amazingly perfect light color and uniformity!

An additional application within the project was lighting above a non-accessible wood slat ceiling.  Again, GM Lighting stepped up with solutions.  In this case, it was coordinating custom lead lengths and splicing techniques to facilitate installation and maintenance.

FullSizeRenderLooking up at the wood slat ceiling of the auditorium concourse.

GM Lighting LTR300 ribbon was mounted in long, removable channels and provides uplight into the ceiling space above.  “This technique completely eliminated any undesired shadowing that might have been caused by the ceiling’s suspension system,” stated Tao Ham.

Another fantastic project for the team, and a very, very satisfied end-user.  GM Lighting provides many solutions for linear cove, under counter and other applications, backed by the best customer support in this lighting segment.  Does YOUR project deserve anything less?

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