Factory Fun at SPI Lighting!

Last week Chelsey Briggs, outside sales, had the opportunity to visit the SPI Lighting headquarters and factory in Mequon, WI. Chelsey and her guest, Kristina, of EAPC, arrived on Thursday afternoon and were treated to an evening of spy themed activities. Dinner and casino night, followed by time at a spy themed bar, left them feeling like 007 by the end of the night. (Unfortunately, no photographs of these events exist as they would compromise the identities of the top secret agents involved.)

The next morning, Chelsey and Kristina assumed their original identities and headed to the SPI headquarters. There, they spent time learning about the lighting solutions that SPI offers, got a sneak peak of some new fixtures, and toured the factory. That morning’s waffles may have been the highlight of the trip for Kristina, but the factory tour was the highlight for Chelsey.

The factory tour revealed an impeccably clean and (surprise surprise) well lit factory. Watch the slideshow below to see for yourself!

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