Minneapolis City Hall Clock: Let There Be Light, Again! This Time Using Energy Efficient LED’s By StarTek Lighting America!

Clock Tower -PS lr

One of the world’s largest clocks (each face is 24′-4″ in diameter) has been restored to it’s original 1889 design using back-lit glass.  In 1949, the cracking glass clock faces were covered by ceramic plates and neon was added to the steel hands.  The City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County teamed up to renovate the historic landmark to it’s original nighttime skyline-prominence by installing new glass and lighting.

The Minneapolis office of Schuler Shook was hired to provide a solution for illuminating the four clock faces.  Michael DiBlasi, Partner, states, “We employed a technique to back light the glass clock face using a “bounce drop” to provide even and diffused lighting and avoid structure shadows. The StarTek fixture gave us the needed distribution, very high lumens and an economical solution to complete the design.”

clock 1

The fixture employed by Schuler Shook is the Lestra, by StarTek Lighting America, with a custom bracket that provided adjustability in a vertical surface mounting position.   The Lestra family provides up to 24,500 lm, with an efficacy of over 140 LPW, in an extremely uniform pattern.  The Lestra is also an affordable product considering the quality, Made In America construction and performance.  TSR Lighting+Controls congratulates the design team for this fantastic solution!

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