Forward Throw Asymmetric Optics by Philips – Delivering Light Where You Want It, Without Waste


Philips Lighting is making welcomed advancements in light optic technology. They’ve developed a new optic called Forward Throw Asymmetric (FTA), which delivers superior performance and optical control. The optics create an “L” shaped beam pattern so the light intensity doesn’t drop off as the distance from the fixture increases. FTA is now available in Philips’ ColorKinetics eW Burst, eW Blast, and ColorBlast fixtures.




FTA optics deliver better uniformity for your wall washing application. With the eW Burst and eW Blast, you can achieve a uniformity ratio of less than 4:1 with a shorter setback distance.  For example, you can evenly illuminate a 20′ wall with only a 3′ setback! The images below show a comparison of uniformity between the eW Burst fixture with with FTA optics, the eW Burst a 30 degree beam spread and the eW Burst with a 60 degree beam spread.

Picture8For color applications, the ColorBlast FTA can deliver a 5:1 uniformity ratio while reducing the number of fixtures on projects requiring even washes of light on large surfaces. The ColorBlast FTA doubles the illuminance on a surface compared to using traditional symmetric beams. It’s available in RGBW, RGBA, and IntelliHue.

For more information about fixtures with FTA optics and to schedule a product demonstration, contact your TSR Lighting sales representative.


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